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With Zentro you can manage inquiries, price comparison lists, purchase orders, stock receipts and purchase invoices for customer orders or your warehouse. This way you have an overview of which materials are needed for orders and know their availability.

Support in supplier selection and purchasing

Materials required in day-to-day production need to be ordered, delivered and processed on time. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, well-organized purchasing, cross-supplier price and master data management, and supplier-specific conditions for your articles are a prerequisite.

Price comparison for same requests to different suppliers

Support for demand- and consumption-based procurement

Manage any number of suppliers with their conditions per article

Invoice control made easy

Import invoices from your suppliers. Zentro then compares them with your purchase orders and points out any differences.

Especially handy: Clear price comparison list for your inquiry with various suppliers.

You save time when creating requests by transferring all relevant data from offers and existing orders. The price comparison list supports you in selecting the most favorable supplier as well as filter and grouping options.



Price comparison for inquiries with different suppliers

Supplier details

Zentro has numerous interfaces for suppliers

These make your work in purchasing much easier. The interfaces allow you to transfer orders to your suppliers automatically and to import order confirmations directly into Zentro. Zentro also performs automated control of delivery dates and prices when confirming orders.




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