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Production support

Zentro's innovative production support helps you with efficient production by providing CAM interfaces to your production systems, machine data feedback (MDE) for material reqirements planning and progress monitoring.

Benefit from exchanging informations with your machines

Combine your orders into production orders and transmit all production data directly to your production facilities. Feedback from your machines, warehouse systems and production staff can then in turn be imported into Zentro and used to monitor production progress.



Production papers such as routing slips and packing slips containing item images and barcodes

Production lots (order splitting and cross-order)

Efficient production planning with just-in-time material flows

Information gain

...feedback from machine data and production data acquisition is used seamlessly in Zentro.

Various shop floor papers are available so that your production employees can be optimally supported in their work. The shop floor papers guarantee a smooth process and helps minimize errors.


Manufacturing papers with item images and color coding by calendar week

Packing slip for picking


Details on every module can be found in our Zentro Folder. On request, we would be happy to send you the folder free of charge by email or post.

However, the easiest way to experience the range of services offered by Zentro is by visiting us in person.

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