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Employees &
Time Recording

Record working times with Zentro via cell phone, terminal or barcode and let Zentro process the data for the post-calculation of your orders and for payroll accounting.

Unterstützung bei der zeitlichen Einteilung Ihrer Aufträge und der Arbeitsvorbereitung von ERP-System Zentro

Time recording & employee management as simple as possible and still with all relevant info.

The recording of working times for cost centers and/or order parts happens automatically with a minimum of effort for your employees. This way you can use your time data for post-calculation, controlling and billing.

Intelligent employee management with usage groups, time models and cost rates

Automation of break management, overtime recognition, diets and allowance calculation, and vacation management

Further use of working times for the employee time account, monitoring of production progress, post-calculation, delivery bills, ...

Automated working time control

Recorded working times are automatically imported into Zentro and processed. This allows you to quickly identify unproductive times in the work process.

Various acquisition devices, assignments and evaluations.

The well-designed user interfaces also offer the possibility of self-monitoring. Time accounts, various lists by document, cost centers or employees, ... help to keep the overview.

With one click or scan, you record your working times and assign them to the corresponding orders and cost centers.

The monthly overview by employees is only one of many possible evaluations.


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