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With Zentro you can create calculations and quotations easily and practically.

Calculation &


The Zentro ERP system is specialized in order-related calculations. Depending on which stage of the project you are in, the corresponding material and work time calculations will be performed.

Intelligenter Angebotsausdruck inkl. Mailversand und Statusbenachrichtigung

All beginnings are ... easy!

Benefit from the practical calculation structure for offers and orders. Gain more time for productive work by handing over time-consuming work steps to the Zentro ERP system.

Querverweise im ERP-System Zentro

Cross-references to all project-level recorded work hours and other documents for your offers and orders


Multi-level calculation in the ERP system Zentro

Multi-level calculation with flexible and reusable data

Intelligent quotation printout in the ERP system Zentro

Intelligent printout incl. mail dispatch and status notification

Integrated calculation controlling

... with plausibility and completeness check through automatic summation of working times, purchase and sales prices as well as automated surcharge calculation.

Different colored item levels for increased clarity in calculations

Overview of the positions of a quotation in ERP Zentro

With individually adjustable, colored backgrounds, Zentro will make it easier for you to enter and find your way around documents with many calculation layers

Designing made easy

Designed offer printout from Zentro, customizable according to requirements

In addition to the integrated spelling checker, you can format the quote printout directly in Zentro (page breaks, tabs, bold print, groupings, and much more).

Excel calculations with the strengths of a modern SQL database

With Zentro you can easily insert bills of materials, change quantities, automatically increase sales prices for all calculation levels and print your offer. All process-relevant information is directly stored for the respective item.

The complete flow of information is stored for the project in a practical way and can be retrieved in Zentro at any time.


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