Get started with Zentro ERP!

Benefit from an affordable, individual software solution! Zentro ERP offers you all the advantages of a standard software in combination with an individually adaptable basic system. The business software maps all commercial processes in the company, offers an integrated calculation and enables the use of all data available in the company through interfaces.

Especially practical: capacity planning!


Advantages of Zentro!

Zentro is strong in calculation and capacity planning. The ERP software can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Zentro can be used in a variety of ways, yet is very simple, saving you from cumbersome processes.

If desired, the business software can handle many things automatically

(e.g. via interfaces and automated processes).


Zentro is like us - friendly (to users) and independent due to our

100% in-house development share.

Find instead of search:

through many cross-references, which are also helpful for CRM, as well as selection, search fields and search masks.

Usability - simple and efficient

Usability - simple and efficient

  • Undo function for all input fields
  • Intuitive due to intelligent symbol and color concept
  • Zentro remembers your settings automatically



Intelligent spreadsheet

Intelligent spreadsheet

  • Spreadsheets modeled on Excel with database in the background
  • Sorting, grouping and filtering
  • Calculate formulas and sums, and complete values

Independent & open for new things

Independent & open for new things

  • Zentro application for Windows and Linux
  • Cloud and terminal server capable
  • Data storage in a database optionally in: Microsoft SQLServer, Mysql, MariaDB
  • Integration of existing systems in Zentro provided

Always ready for use!

Mobile access to Zentro ERP.

Your employees are often on the road? No problem! With Zentro ERP you can access all the data you need online or offline, reading or writing.

Technological independence

Zentro is a JAVA-based ERP system for Windows and Linux. Due to our consequent use of OpenSource technologies we can guarantee technological independence. Thanks to the 100% in-house development share, we can easily adapt workflows, masks, printouts and statistics to your special requirements.

Padlock symbol signals data security

Data security

Intelligent query optimization and modern encryption algorithms also allow external access to Zentro's data.

Monitor icon signals operating system independence

Operating system

The software can be used for both Windows and Linux and is also continuously tested for both operating systems.

Database icon signals cooperation with multiple DB systems


Zentro is an enterprise software that can be used in conjunction with various database systems such as Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL and MariaDB.


Through internal and external interfaces as well as cloud data & terminal application

Our speciality - interfaces!

So that you no longer have to "tell your computer three times", Zentro offers you all your input options centrally and from a single source. You do not need to re-enter any data! Sources of error are minimized and superfluous or contradictory information does not even occur. (Same sentence as for ERP interfaces)


Zentro is the connection to your existing software solutions. It can be opened for almost any data source and can also provide data for a wide variety of third-party systems.

Network your internal systems

From CAD, CAM to accounting! We offer interfaces to well-known manufacturers and will also be happy to advise you on the efficient distribution of all the data required for production to all the departments concerned.

Interfaces to business partners

From the import of tenders to the flow of materials or the import of invoices, stock, delivery times, prices and product catalogs, Zentro makes your everyday business easier.

Integrate proven software solutions

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for individual interfaces to other software applications.

For more information, see our details on interfaces.

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