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Capacity &
Assembly Planning

Zentro supports you in scheduling your orders and work preparation: Either by automated backward scheduling or manually via drag and drop. In addition, you can see the utilization of your resources, whereby feedback from time recording is automatically taken into account.

Capacity & assembly planning with insight

A good overview of order utilization enables important strategic decisions to be made. For this purpose, the planned working times from job costing are directly integrated into capacity planning and automatically distributed to individual groups, employees or machines depending on the desired level of detail.

Graphical scheduling of appointments with workload visualization and optimization

Control station for planning machine and personnel resources with networking of orders and deadlines

Integration of resource potential, target times, delivery dates and hours worked in a graphical tool

Simply clear

Visualization of status, category and order assignment using icons, colors, font and frames

Editable bar chart for planning your appointments for orders or production orders.

The Zentro capacity planning allows you different display variants for your planned dates (e.g. per group, filtered by orders, ...). The visual control thus offers you a practical overview of all current projects.


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