As much as necessary, as little as possible!

Particularly when intervening in company processes, a sure instinct is especially important. Your business software should do what you need it to do! No more and no less. Zentro adapts to your needs, because you can practically choose from different software and service packages. If required, individual services can also be added. And best of all: interfaces allow you to use all the data available in your company.

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Complete solution or single module - what would you like?

Here you will find all our offers. Simply choose from complete software packages such as Light, Kompakt or Premium to introduce Zentro to your company step by step. You only need single modules or extra interfaces? No problem! And should you then get the desire for more, you can upgrade at any time.

Get an overview at the strategy workshop

You not only want to digitize your company but also optimize it? We address your processes individually! We advise you not only on the step-by-step software introduction but also on how you can optimize and simplify your processes.

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Only what you need!

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