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Boxes-KI: Out of the box thinking

Because for them, everything revolves around boxes. They make boxes in which machines, plant components or other goods can be transported carefully and reach their destination undamaged.


AI supports calculation

Together with Risc Software from Hagenberg, we have made use of a controllable system. In the "ExpertPack" project, a solution for calculating packaging solutions with the help of AI has been created to make our customers' lives easier. We prepared calculation rules for the types of crates used and fed the system with the components. The Zentro system recognizes the required crate and calculates the cutting data. The rules are designed in such a way that the system recognizes from the specification how the crate must be designed, without the software users having to have all the crate types in their heads. Quotations and calculations can be carried out quickly, including the required materials, and a realistic sales price can be calculated early in the order process. Connection to CAD interfaces is also taken care of. All thanks to the sophisticated product configurator.



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