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FAQs about Zentro ERP

You want info about the Zentro ERP system? Here we answer your most important questions about our software.


What can the Zentro ERP system do?

Zentro is an ERP software that maps all commercial processes in the company and offers, among other things, integrated bills of materials, CRM, capacity planning, time recording and post-calculation.


Zentro includes various interfaces to CAD and CAM, suppliers and accounting.


Our customers come from a wide range of industries, such as carpentry, painting and interior design - but the ERP system is in principle customizable for a wide range of industries.


What does flexible costing look like in the Zentro ERP system?

Zentro is specialized in order-related calculations. Depending on which phase of a project you are in, the appropriate calculation for material and working time is made.


For this purpose, plausibility and completeness checks are provided by automatic summation of working times, purchase and sales prices as well as automated markup calculation.




Can the project management (e.g. process of creating the workpieces, interdepartmental coordination, time recording, ...) be covered after the calculation?


Zentro supports you in the time scheduling of your orders: Either by automated backward scheduling or manually via drag and drop.


For this purpose, the planned working times from the calculation are integrated into the capacity planning. Furthermore, you can see the utilization of your resources, whereby feedback from time recording is taken into account.




On which technological platform (operating system, database system) can the Zentro ERP system be used?

Zentro is an enterprise software that can be used in conjunction with various database systems, such as Microsoft SQLServer, MySql and MariaDB.


The software is used for both Windows and Linux and is also continuously tested for both operating systems. MacOs support is planned for 2019.



What is the system architecture required for the Zentro ERP system and how is the data stored?

The data is stored in a relational database on the server (e.g. Microsoft SQLServer). Zento Client is a desktop application (platform independent).


All other modules are available as desktop application.



What are the minimum server requirements to install the Zentro ERP system?

At least 4 GB RAM and a current operating system.




Can the Zentro ERP system be used web-based and which browser is required for this?

Zentro can be used partially web-based. The time tracking solution has a web client. Firefox, Edge and Chrome are being tested as browsers on an ongoing basis.




Is there a flexible assignment of read and write rights in the Zentro ERP system?

The rights management is implemented with the help of a role concept. Individual rights are grouped together for a better overview. Users are assigned to one or more groups. The user rights are divided as follows: Create, Read, Edit and Delete.


How many users can work with the Zentro ERP system in the company at the same time? Is it possible to start with a single license?

Zentro ERP is infinitely scalable from the single user license - that means you decide how many user licenses you need.



Can data such as cost records or warehouse information be transferred from other systems into the Zentro ERP system?

The Zentro ERP system is the connection to all your existing software solutions. It can be opened to almost any data source and can also provide data for a wide variety of third-party systems.


Imports and exports of tenders, product catalogs, stock levels, delivery times, prices, purchase orders, ABs, delivery bills and invoices are provided.



What interfaces to other vendors (for a data import/export) are possible with the Zentro ERP system?

EDIFACT, IDoc, DATANORM, tender interfaces according to GAEB and ÖNORM, online stores such as Magento, Oxid, market places such as Amazon-de, Amazon-fr, Amazon-uk, ebay, OpenCad, S&S, CAD+T, Imos, RSO, Pro Engineer, Inventor, SolidWorks, Pytha, CAM/CNC for Holzher, Schelling, Homag, Dimter, Langzauner, Lantec, Fibu e. g. e.g. BMD, RZL, WinFibu, ...


General FAQs about the Zentro ERP system

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