Zentro Go: Production

Holistic performance recording for maximum plannability!

Paperless manufacturing

When plans are changed, the associated bills of materials and digital routing slips are automatically updated, and are available in real time to shop floor workers. This eliminates the need to print out documents.

Paperless manufacturing enables rapid and error-free change processes and provides real-time production feedback. This is the future for efficient project handling with batch size 1. Production information can be seamlessly transferred from Zentro ERP and clearly displayed in Zentro Go.



Quality assurance

The provision of part-based information, such as plans, status or storage location and the exchange of messages on individual parts, is provided for, as is quality assurance through mandatory user input.

Predefined quality assurance steps, such as checking machining steps, specifying material usage, uploading an image, etc., must then be performed by employees before they can report a part completed.



Single part tracking

Knowing exactly how production is progressing at any given time, even with a batch size of 1, minimizes uncertainty in planning and provides scope for project management and customer communication. With individual part tracking, nothing gets lost in the hectic day-to-day work. Feedback is provided in a structured manner as part-based production feedback and problems can be responded to promptly. Missing parts, for example, can be reproduced without delay.

At the production terminal, the material availability of purchased parts is displayed for the processed parts, and parts-based status information on the work steps performed is also provided. The cost center-based standard time calculation serves as a guideline for the processing time in production and provides data for the target/actual comparison for capacity and delivery planning and controlling.

Progress monitoring

With digital completion reporting, production management knows exactly how production is progressing and can control accordingly. The completion notifications can be made on product, group or individual part level and flow directly into the capacity planning of Zentro ERP.




Benefit from:

  • Up-to-date digital documents instead of outdated papers.
  • Parts-based progress monitoring and quality assurance.
  • More feedback and planning reliability with less effort.


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