Zentro Go: Map

Overview as you need it!

Colored pins visualize order status etc. as you need it. Linked info and documents display the most important customer information about the location.




Map, info and documents

From the local distribution of projects, you can derive information that facilitates the daily work in planning and in the field and increases your service quality. Zentro Go's map serves as a mobile infomap and changes the way you look at your customers and projects because they are displayed geographically.

The map is more than just a map of customer locations, it provides a geospatial visualization of project documents and color coding by project category per location. There are different search options e.g. by address, coordinates and objects as well as different map layers (geological and streetmap). This way you have access to all important documents even when you are on the road and you can identify connections between project locations and use them for your own benefit.


With the help of the Zentro Go map you can visualize project status etc. as you need it. Colored pins enable the clear display of the most important customer information and documents for the location.


Benefit from:

  • Map linked to project documents
  • Visualization of person, project and location
  • Colored representation of project types on the map


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