Zentro Go

Always ready to use: the mobile application to your ERP!

Zentro Go is the mobile application to your ERP optimized for use on touch screens (tablet, cell phone). It allows access to Zentro ERP data in real time and is ideal for on-the-go use. It is also designed to be used on touch-enabled terminals in production, allowing all your employees to easily access documents, work instructions, messages, and more.


As flexible as your requirements

Zentro Go digitizes your workflows in various areas.

Your employees in production and on the road need access to various project data and should also record additional information? The mobile Zentro variant allows everyone to access the areas you need for their work via touchscreen terminal, tablet or cell phone. Choose from the following areas:

    Digitaler Lieferschein


    Everything clearly arranged at a glance!

    Digitale Arbeitszeiterfassung, Mitarbeiter Zeiterfassung

    Time account

    Working hours on the go on your cell phone and tablet!

    mobile Projektplanung mit Mitarbeiter


    Project-related communication and performance documentation!

    Unternehmen digitalisieren


    Printing was yesterday!

    Produktionsplanung mobil


    Holistic performance recording for maximum plannability!


    Save time in materials management!


    Overview as you need it!


    Digital warehouse visualization!


    The mobile production overview!

    Zentro Go: Dashboard

    Everything at a glance!



    Task planner and orientation aid


    All team members should be able to quickly orient themselves in their work environment and always know what to do next. This way, you have less unproductive time and work scheduling runs like clockwork.

    The Mobile Dashboard shows your employees what's coming up next. It combines the other areas of Zentro Go and presents the most important information to a user at a glance. Individual quicklinks to the most important tasks make it easy to find information. On the one hand, this allows employees to be deployed in a targeted manner, while on the other hand, the dashboard also stimulates individual initiative!

    All necessary information about the tasks can be seen at a glance. This way, no one has to think about it for a long time, but can start working right away.


    Benefit from:

    • Orientation help in everyday work
    • Infopoint with quicklinks
    • Employee management


    Zentro Go: Time account

    Working hours on the go on your cell phone and tablet!


    The password-protected display of the employee time account can also be accessed on the road in addition to the employee terminal.



    Mobile time account and digital vacation and Time Off management.

    Use all time booking features not only at the terminal in the company, but also on the road via cell phone or tablet. All orders and target times are always immediately available online so that your employees can access and book them from anywhere you allow.

    Automate your processes, such as planning and recording absences. Employees can reserve vacation and compensatory time via cell phone or tablet. These then appear on the Zentro ERP dashboard and can be approved or rejected by those responsible. The feedback is displayed to the employees on the digital time account.

    Absences, such as vacations and compensatory time, are automatically incorporated into capacity planning.


    Benefit from:

    • Time tracking on the go
    • Digital vacation planner
    • Mobile time account for employees


    Zentro Go: Messanges

    Project-related communication and performance documentation!



    Messanges - more than just a chat!

    In order for everyone involved in the project to get the info they need and exchange efficiently, it is important to collect all the info about the project in one place. Messages enable communication about projects managed via Zentro and documentation with text and images. For this purpose, the information from Zentro ERP and Zentro Go is combined and synchronized. External messaging services, with the associated privacy issues, are avoided.


    Messages are also used as note-taking and documentation tools. The info is stored in Zentro ERP, provided with deadlines and priorities and assigned to a responsible person. Queries can be answered quickly, as they are displayed to the responsible person on the Zentro dashboard. All information can also be easily accessed later by all Zentro users.


    Photo-docu for maximum clarity

    A photo-docu of the project progress or final result during assembly work can be created just as easily as a manufacturing docu in production. Photos stored on the cell phone or tablet can be uploaded collectively and important areas in the images can be marked.




    Benefit from:

    • Project communication
    • Digital notepad
    • Photo documentation



    Zentro Go: Documents

    Printing was yesterday!



    Mobile documents pave the way to paperless manufacturing (Paperless Factory).


    Digital project documents

    Everyone involved in a project should have access to the documents they need for their work, in the most up-to-date version. In the Documents area of Zentro Go, employees can be provided with planning data, photos, supplementary manufacturing and assembly information, and much more for the project in digital form. Thus, the responsible assemblers and production employees can access the current documents as soon as they have been stored in Zentro ERP.


    Documents can also be submitted at short notice. An authorization system regulates access so that everyone sees what they are allowed to see. The documents can be called up either via a terminal in production or on the road via tablet or cell phone.



    Benefit from:

    • Digital planning data, photos, manufacturing and assembly documents.
    • Paperless Factory: Mobile documents pave the way to paperless manufacturing (Paperless Factory).
    • Call in production or on the road.


    Zentro Go: Production

    Holistic performance recording for maximum plannability!

    Paperless manufacturing

    When plans are changed, the associated bills of materials and digital routing slips are automatically updated, and are available in real time to shop floor workers. This eliminates the need to print out documents.

    Paperless manufacturing enables rapid and error-free change processes and provides real-time production feedback. This is the future for efficient project handling with batch size 1. Production information can be seamlessly transferred from Zentro ERP and clearly displayed in Zentro Go.



    Quality assurance

    The provision of part-based information, such as plans, status or storage location and the exchange of messages on individual parts, is provided for, as is quality assurance through mandatory user input.

    Predefined quality assurance steps, such as checking machining steps, specifying material usage, uploading an image, etc., must then be performed by employees before they can report a part completed.



    Single part tracking

    Knowing exactly how production is progressing at any given time, even with a batch size of 1, minimizes uncertainty in planning and provides scope for project management and customer communication. With individual part tracking, nothing gets lost in the hectic day-to-day work. Feedback is provided in a structured manner as part-based production feedback and problems can be responded to promptly. Missing parts, for example, can be reproduced without delay.

    At the production terminal, the material availability of purchased parts is displayed for the processed parts, and parts-based status information on the work steps performed is also provided. The cost center-based standard time calculation serves as a guideline for the processing time in production and provides data for the target/actual comparison for capacity and delivery planning and controlling.

    Progress monitoring

    With digital completion reporting, production management knows exactly how production is progressing and can control accordingly. The completion notifications can be made on product, group or individual part level and flow directly into the capacity planning of Zentro ERP.




    Benefit from:

    • Up-to-date digital documents instead of outdated papers.
    • Parts-based progress monitoring and quality assurance.
    • More feedback and planning reliability with less effort.


    Zentro Go: Material

    Save time in materials management!



    Digital material management

    The location-independent, digital material registration reduces the bureaucratic effort to a minimum. The Material area of Zentro Go enables material requests or material booking in production and the creation of delivery bills in assembly.

    The Material area is directly integrated into the warehouse management of Zentro ERP and visualizes the prepared materials for projects (or project parts). If something is missing, additional materials can be booked directly during assembly and production. If necessary, a delivery bill can be created or supplemented directly. Picking and back posting to stock can also be seamlessly digitized in this way.



    Benefit from:

    • Digital material requisitions or material debits
    • Creation of digital delivery notes
    • Picking and back posting
    • Warehouse visualization


    Zentro Go: Map

    Overview as you need it!

    Colored pins visualize order status etc. as you need it. Linked info and documents display the most important customer information about the location.




    Map, info and documents

    From the local distribution of projects, you can derive information that facilitates the daily work in planning and in the field and increases your service quality. Zentro Go's map serves as a mobile infomap and changes the way you look at your customers and projects because they are displayed geographically.

    The map is more than just a map of customer locations, it provides a geospatial visualization of project documents and color coding by project category per location. There are different search options e.g. by address, coordinates and objects as well as different map layers (geological and streetmap). This way you have access to all important documents even when you are on the road and you can identify connections between project locations and use them for your own benefit.


    With the help of the Zentro Go map you can visualize project status etc. as you need it. Colored pins enable the clear display of the most important customer information and documents for the location.


    Benefit from:

    • Map linked to project documents
    • Visualization of person, project and location
    • Colored representation of project types on the map


    Zentro Go: Locations

    Digital warehouse visualization!

    Visualize storage locations with GPS coordinates or on the building plan



    Visualized storage locations

    To help everyone find what they are looking for immediately, Zentro Go visualizes warehouse locations as GPS coordinates and on floor plans. With the help of Zentro Go's warehouse visualization, employees can find their way around more quickly.

    Especially if you have multiple locations or warehouses, Zentro Go gives you a better overview. This way you have warehouse locations of several locations in view.



    Benefit from:

    • Cross-location warehouse visualization
    • Storage locations with GPS
    • Color coding for project-relevant materials


    Zentro Go: Monitoring

    The mobile production overview!



    Zentro Go-Monitoring brings all projects clearly onto one screen and can also be used on the go via tablet and cell phone. It forms an important part of digital production progress monitoring.


    With Zentro Go Monitoring, you have an overview of everything that needs to be done in your team, even if you are not directly on site.


    Benefit from:

    • Mobile project overview
    • Visualized completion status
    • Digital production progress monitoring




    Seamlessly integrated!

    Digitization made easy! Interfaces for Zentro Go are not only available for Zentro ERP, but also for other systems.


    Zentro Go can be connected to common systems and can also be used stand alone. Just ask, we will be happy to advise you.

      The data captured in Zentro Go flows seamlessly into the modules of Zentro ERP!


      Modul Produktionsunterstützung von ERP-System Zentro

      Zentro Go is seamlessly integrated into the Zentro ERP production module. Conditions that require intervention can be defined and thus automatically detected by the system.

      Modul Artikel & Lager von ERP-System Zentro

      Warehouse management and delivery note entry are also possible in the mobile Zentro variant. Here, too, all data flows into the Zentro ERP in real time.

      Modul Kapazitäts- und Montageplanung von ERP-System Zentro

      All booked working times and completion notifications flow directly into Zentro capacity planning and enable the realistic representation of the degree of completion for projects. Missing parts management is also provided.

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