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Individually programmed: Zentro custom fit

Because then the Zentro ERP software does its job in the best possible way - exactly as it is necessary for your business. If we do not have a suitable product solution ready ad hoc, Zentro will program it individually.


Sits, fits and has air

The Zentro Extended Package tailors the ERP system to your needs. Because this package also includes that individual applications of the software are programmed specifically for your needs. For example, individual programming allows file imports or corrections, specific printouts, adjustments in the dashboard or company-specific configurations of the ERP software. All data is integrated centrally in the ERP system, making additional stand-alone solutions unnecessary.


The process: 5 steps to the individual ZENTRO version

1. specification: We clarify the requirements together with you.

2. prototype: we implement the adjustments and train the key users.

3. finalization. We make final adjustments based on the results of the prototype.

4. know-how assurance: we document the processes for your internal knowledge transfer.

5. ongoing operation: We support you in the application in your daily business.

If new requirements emerge, we restart the process.


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