Tender imports

Import and calculate tenders according to ÖNorm and GAEB

Calculate tenders according to ÖNORM and GAEB

Zentro is the ideal tool for the calculation of tenders. Import tenders according to ÖNORM and GAEB, calculate them using your item master and export the result for your future customers.

Automated access to your suppliers' article data and images.

No more scrolling through manufacturer catalogs and manually typing in part numbers for ordering! Zentro provides an automated connection to the product catalogs of many suppliers, helping you update prices for your article master and create new articles with image, description and all other required data.



Current prices and delivery times for planning

Zentro automatically enters stock levels, delivery times and prices of your suppliers into your article master. In this way, you can prevent unpleasant surprises such as price increases or delivery delays as early as the planning stage.



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