EDI interface

Exchange orders, AB, invoices, ... exchange with your suppliers

Invoice control made easy

Electronic invoices from your supplier are automatically imported into Zentro and assigned to your orders and contracts. The data is available for automated invoice control and can also be used for post-calculation of your orders. This enables controlling at the push of a button without tedious searching for orders, prices, ... is made possible.

    The flow of materials fully under control

    Put an end to orders by phone or costly online ordering platforms! Zentro offers EDI interfaces to well-known suppliers.

    You generate an order in Zentro and can send it automatically to your supplier. The supplier in turn sends an electronic order confirmation with delivery times, which is processed by Zentro without your intervention. The data flows seamlessly into your capacity and delivery scheduling.


    Automated purchasing for:


    • Schachermayr
    • Häfele
    • Odörfer
    • Weyland
    • Frischeis
    • Eagle
    • Waiter & Kunz
    • RECA
    • Würth
    • Wuppermann
    • ...

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