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Customers & CRM


With Zentro ERP u can maintain all your customer relationships and get customer data through an intelligent network system by simply pressing a button in your CRM system.



Customers first


Zentro focuses on Central Data Organization. Especially with master data management, your contacts, addresses, phone numbers and different contacts have never been easier to manage.

Customer relationship analysis based on customer contacts, customer categories, campaigns, events, etc.



For every customer individually add intelligent phone number tables, email address tables, contact persons, etc.

Management of discount groups, discounts and conditions for customers



Information gain ...

through intelligent networking of all customer contacts and integrated sales analyses


Gain an overview and improve your service quality...


Manage all your appointments and tasks for every customer. With Zentro you are also able to perform customer relationship analyses (contacts, categories, campaigns, events, etc.), Based on your recorded data.

View every customer with a detailed view containing all addresses,

phone numbers, contact persons, delivery and payment conditions, ....

Gain an overview with detailed heatmaps


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