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Controlling & Billing

Zentro allows you to easily query and reuse all data relevant for billing and controlling.

Cost overview, post-calculation and billing.

Desired information is available quickly and independently. In this way, post-calculation and invoicing can be completed without having to re-enter data and provides you with almost any information and creates your invoices at the push of a button. Zentro also simplifies data preparation for your accounting.

Post-calculation with target/actual comparison of price and quantities per consumed or calculated article

Payment plan, overview of payments, discounts, reminders and open items

Automated mailing of your invoices (down payment, partial, final and governing invoices ...)

Data preparation for accounting

In Zentro you already have all the data your accounting and payroll department needs. This data can be automatically prepared and transmitted digitally.


Continuous cost overview through the automated assignment of

working hours, stock materials and goods receipts to the order.

Zentro allows users to easily query automatically linked data as they wish. Proven evaluations and views are compiled per user group and can be customized as needed.


Hand over routine tasks to your IT system

Zentro facilitates recurring processes for you: mail dispatch of invoices, payments, discounts, reminders and open item management can be automated. Recurring information obligations to various authorities and business partners can be automatically retrieved and forwarded.


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