Teamwork is the key to success!

Successful digitization of your business processes requires more than good software. The most important starting point is a strategy that can be lived by all project participants. And the courage to change this strategy when it makes sense!


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No worries with changes. We accompany you step by step!

Are you planning to introduce or convert an ERP system in your company? We accompany you step by step during the changeover. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are specialized in transferring data from a wide variety of our customers' existing software solutions and can integrate them quickly and easily into Zentro. This means that all relevant data is available to you right from the start. Furthermore, the simple and logical structure of Zentro makes long training sessions almost unnecessary. Our customers can work productively with Zentro after only one day for initial installation and program introduction ! Here you can see schematically the process of a new introduction of Zentro:

Initial consultation & offer

  • survey your requirements together with you.
  • discuss your existing processes.
  • advise you on possible workflow improvements.
  • clarify the system requirements.


You receive a non-binding offer with all the details for the step-by-step changeover.


The project plan

  • jointly define a schedule and milestones for the changeover.
  • clarify contact persons and responsibilities on both sides.
  • define all required data and access rights.
  • specify the interface requirements to existing systems, such as CAD/CAM.
  • transfer the data from your existing systems (e.g. old administration program).

Together we define the steps for system implementation.


The preparations

You provide us with logos, layout specifications and, if necessary, access to existing databases. We customize Zentro to meet your requirements.



  • import the data from your existing software.
  • layout your offer and invoice printouts, labels, lists, ... for you.
  • prepare the desired interfaces for you.

Integration & Training


  • install Zentro at your site.
  • train your key users (employees).


The interface modules are put into operation.


Already on the 1st day the sales module and other important modules are ready for use according to your requirements. The further process and optimization potentials for the workflows are determined.


Ongoing further development

If necessary, we will optimize your workflow together and are there for you if you have any queries about Zentro functions. Our ongoing collaboration with research institutions and cooperation networks keeps you at the cutting edge of technology together with us.

  • are continuously available for the implementation of your individual requirements.
  • continue to develop Zentro for you within the framework of the service agreement.

A well-rounded solution right from the start: workshops and training!

With the following services, we not only accompany you during the preparation and changeover to Zentro, but are also at your side in the long term.

Strategie Workshop


Speziell zur Einführung von Zentro bieten wir Ihnen mit einem Strategie-Workshop Unterstützung bei Prozesserstellung und Optimierung Ihrer Abläufe an.


Für eine einfache schrittweise Einführung von Zentro erarbeiten wir mit Ihnen den gewünschten Ablauf. So führt die ERP Umstellung zu einer Optimierung Ihrer Abläufe ohne Frust.


Konfigurations Workshop

Speziell zur Erweiterung von Zentro bieten wir Ihnen mit einem Konfigurations-Workshop eine effektive Weiterentwicklung bei Ihnen vor Ort!

Konfigurations-Workshop inkl. Softwareanpassungen bei der weiteren Einführung von Zentro in Ihrem Unternehmen


Bei einer Erweiterung von Zentro wird von unserem Mitarbeiter die gewünschte Funktion direkt konfiguriert. Das heißt, nach dem Workshop sind die Softwareanpassungen größtenteils schon umgesetzt.

Beratung und Schulung

Beratung und Schulung bei Ihnen vor Ort sowie bei uns oder via Videokonferenz

Für einen einfachen Ein- und Umstieg auf Zentro haben wir folgende Schulungsangebote für Sie:


  • Beratung und Schulung der Keyuser bei Ihnen vor Ort

  • Einschulung via Fernwartungszugang durch unsere Zentro-Systembetreuerinnen und -betreuer

  • Regelmäßige allgemeine Grundschulungen zu den verschiedenen Zentro-Modulen bei uns vor Ort in Gruppen

  • Einschulung neuer Keyuser speziell in Ihrem Unternehmen schon ab 1 Teilnehmer

Work at Zentro

Work at Zentro

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  • Application developers
  • IT Project Assistant
  • Apprenticeships
  • and much more.


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