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Website relaunch: Even more Zentro info

Additional information and details on the topics "How would you like Zentro?", "Workshops and training" and "Interfaces" are now available on the Zentro website.


What would you like?

We present our service packages and product modules clearly and compactly in the section "How would you like Zentro? From complete software solutions to specific individual modules, you will find everything you need for your ERP system, precisely tailored to your company's internal requirements.

Here is a first overview of the Zentro packages. You can find the individual modules directly at the package information.

Achieve a lot with little effort. With Zentro Light you can easily create offers, manage customers and suppliers and keep track of your incoming payments.

  • ZentroKompakt: The compact version incl. warehouse management and order management.

In addition to the Zentro Light version, you can manage warehouses, orders, goods receipts and incoming invoices. You also create the basis for automated interfaces for document exchange.

Zentro Premium is your comprehensive software solution that can be adapted to your specific internal requirements. The customized Zentro Premium version is ideal for managing all your work processes.


Workshops and trainings

Zentro's workshops and training courses make it easy to get started or switch over. We offer training at your site or via video conference. Step by step we coach your key users in all important functions of the ERP system.



We know that the introduction of an ERP system is not the end of the story. That is why we are constantly working on optimized interface solutions. Which possibilities - from Interfaces to warehouse management, accounting to bank interfaces - we can already integrate, you will also find clearly presented on our website.






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