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Tip-top documentation: Zentro develops automatically generated software documentation

It works as efficiently as possible due to its precise adaptation to the business processes of the user companies. For this purpose, Zentro standard components are often extended by individual programming and supplemented by additional features. So far, so good. However, efficient ERP software also needs detailed documentation in case further developments need to be implemented quickly or for internal knowledge transfer, e.g. when new employees are being trained. Keeping the documentation up to date is therefore particularly important. The more individual configurations, the more time-consuming it is to create the documentation.


Research project with science

Zentro has thought that everything must be much faster and easier. Together with renowned partners from science, we have therefore been working for about three years on a way to automate the creation of software documentation. In an intensive project, the Software Competence Center Hagenberg SCCH and the Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing FAW and Zentro are working together to get closer to automated software documentation. SCCH focuses on the software processes and building blocks, as well as the user interface and code analysis. The FAW links the business processes with those of the software.


And what is all this for?

More and more individual configurations and deviations from the basic software make Zentro very user-specific, and that is a good thing. Automatically generated documentation makes it user-specific as well. Depending on their role in the company, users work with different Zentro versions. In the future, the documentation will be tailored exactly to the version used. Users will then be able to quickly access the information that is relevant to them. In addition, this should reduce the effort involved in updating the documentation. The goal is to replace the docu-wiki with the automatically generated docu. Necessary explanations will continue to be implemented in the future and supplemented by the generated parts of the documentation. This way we guarantee a comprehensive and practical documentation that leaves nothing to be desired.


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