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Start of the research project "ConnectHydro" - networking system for small hydropower plants

Small hydropower plants - if they are not owned by the same operator - currently act almost without exception independently in their regulation and control without integration and consideration of the problems and requirements of neighboring plants. This results in significant inefficiencies as well as lower electricity production.


The aim of the research project "ConnectHydro" is the development of an implementation concept, which makes it possible to collect and evaluate current data of small and micro hydropower plants (e.g. performance data, water levels, machine parameters) in real time at a central location. Through intelligent behavior, control information for power optimization and demand-based production (without swell operation) for the participating power plants, as well as relevant information for direct power consumers, grid operators and the general public will be generated and made available in real time.


An automatic control system (expert system) can also significantly reduce the cost of energy production by reducing maintenance and increasing reliability, operate turbines more efficiently, and significantly increase energy production from the available water supply. Intelligent control systems also enable remote monitoring of the turbines, allowing any faults to be rectified more quickly and thus generating an additional increase in efficiency. The detailed concept created in the course of the exploratory work should be able to be used for the development of a prototype in follow-up projects.


Project partners:

  • Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • nextsoft it GmbH
  • Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing, JKU (FAW)
  • Electrical Engineering Drack
  • Association Small Hydropower Austria


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