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More freedom for entrepreneurs

The creation of "free space" for the company owners for active strategy and innovation work through the development of management and company culture, personnel development, strategic organization of interfaces and creation of process structures with data technology support is the content of the project "Free Space", which we are allowed to accompany as an external partner.


In classic SMEs, the entrepreneur is usually the one who is driven. Often it is hardly possible to dedicate oneself to being an entrepreneur without endangering the productivity of the company. For the successful and sustainable management of a company, however, a clear vision, mission and strategy that is lived and understood by every employee and implemented in his or her area are essential for survival. This is why it is so important to create free space for the boss, who thereby gets the opportunity to actively deal with the development of the company.


nextsoft it GmbH supports the project team in the following areas:

  • Strategy for IT-technical implementation of the project goals
  • Analysis of the existing IT landscape in the company
  • Ensuring functioning information flow / communication throughout the company
  • Creation of a clear interface definition and communication / transparent task and work planning
  • transparent targets / timelines / calculation bases
  • Controlling instruments for daily updated evaluations / deviation analyses

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