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Industry 4.0 project: Production automation with Zentro at Grömmer joinery goes online

In the course of an Industry 4.0 project, we have achieved a seamless connection of the production processes to Zentro ERP together with the Grömmer joinery.



Production at Grömmer

Import from CAD

Among other things, the CAD software SWOOD (a SolidWorks add-in for wood processors) used at Grömmer was connected to Zentro ERP. The parts lists from the CAD are thereby imported directly into the Zentro Tischer-Technik module and linked to the ERP article master. The Zentro joinery technology enriches the parts list with additional information before the export for the production systems (CNC, ...) takes place. Such additional information are, among others, standard times, oversizes for cuts, edge processing, surface processing and much more. This happens automatically on the basis of calculation rules that are stored for the various production articles.



QR code in the production process

In the production process itself, the focus is on individual part tracking using QR codes. All production and assembly employees have access to the information they need for the current production step. This includes electronic manufacturing documents with reference to the part usage (bill of materials), order data and design plans for the part currently being processed. For example, the QR code includes an eDrawings link that allows all production and assembly employees to access CAD planning using a mobile device (cell phone or tablet).

The QR codes also have the required settings stored for the machining operations at the CNC. By means of a scan on the machine, for example, format milling, offsets, ... are automatically read out and set, which greatly reduces the workload of the production staff.



Document management and capacity planning

Secure document management for drawings, production papers, ... for the production and assembly processes was also taken into account. Files are activated at the start of production and deactivated again at the end of the job in order to provide only the information that is really needed. This ensures that sensitive data and storage resources are handled with care.

Zentro capacity planning has already been in use at Grömmer for several years and enables automated rough planning and detailed planning down to employee and cost center level.

You can find all information about the joinery Grömmer here ...

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