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Always and everywhere: Zentro Go makes ERP mobile

Project data for your employees in production, time recording, news, material information - with Zentro Go, the most important features are available everywhere and at any time in a compact, practical web version. Zentro Go is optimized for use on touch-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets and keeps all relevant information available in real time. Zentro Go is therefore ideal for people on the move.


Everything connected

Zentro Go is integrated into the production module of Zentro ERP and the warehouse management including delivery note entry is also connected. Booked working times, completion notifications, missing parts management, booked vehicles, document capture, warehouse visualizations: All data recorded in Zentro Go flows seamlessly into the existing Zentro modules.


The first customers already tested Zentro Go in spring 2021. With the next update, Zentro Go will be available for all Zentro users.


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