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FAQs about costing in Zentro ERP

You would like to get information about costing in the Zentro ERP system? Here we answer your most important questions about costing.



Is a multi-level contribution margin calculation possible in the Zentro ERP system?

In the preliminary calculation, the costs can be calculated with different markups and markdowns and are compared to the intended sales price for each item. The sales price of an item is optionally summed up from the sales prices of its sub-items or freely determined. The calculation of the contribution margin is available in every level.



Can quantity and time factors be stored and used for the calculation in the Zentro ERP system?

Yes, quantities and units (e.g. time units, pieces, measurement units), package quantities, conversion factors (e.g. in case of different units in purchase and sales) and many more can be considered.



Is it possible to define overhead rates in addition to the stored cost rates in the Zentro ERP system?

Yes, overhead rates are provided for each costing item. Uniform surcharges across companies, such as metal surcharges, are managed as sub-items for better maintainability.



Are individual production specifics (cost units and individual parts of the workplaces) mapped in the calculation mask of the Zentro ERP system?

With the help of cost centers and freely definable evaluation dimensions, production specifics can already be taken into account in the calculation or when creating articles.



Does the Zentro ERP system offer the possibility of a project post-calculation?

Yes, the post-calculation is an evaluation that is automatically created on the basis of the quantities and prices from the preliminary costing, the recorded working times and the materials used. Various forms of presentation are provided here. The evaluation of costs and markup factors can be configured variably for each material group and cost type.



Does the calculation in the Zentro ERP system have further comparison possibilities? (e.g. regarding different projects, customers, benchmarks or temporal developments)?

Yes, due to the free filtering and grouping possibilities, in combination with the available data sources, the evaluations regarding turnover, actual cost-based contribution margins, ... can be evaluated as desired. Comparisons by order, project, customer, salesperson, project engineer, ... can be realized individually without additional programming.



Does the Zentro ERP system allow subsequent changes to the calculation?

Yes, Zentro allows the subsequent modification of the calculation, if this is desired.



Does the Zentro ERP system offer the possibility to filter already created calculations according to certain criteria (e.g. components with times, materials)?

Filtering is possible within a calculation and across all created calculations. Filtering is done, for example, according to article number, working time articles, materials, quantities, customers, descriptions, prices, .....



Is it possible to map a release process for the calculation in the Zentro ERP system?

Yes, the release process is mapped via status releases and the rights system. For each document there is a document status and for each line item there is a delivery status and an invoicing status. The characteristics of the different status values and the rights can be defined individually.



In which way does the Zentro ERP system support the creation of quotations based on the calculation?

Costing can be done directly in the quotation document. In this case, the calculation rules are stored in a fixed form similar to formulas in Excel.

Text templates can be mapped with the help of the article master. The creation of assemblies is also provided for here. All calculation data is stored in the offer document in the relational database.



To what extent does the Zentro ERP system support the user by means of reporting functionalities (comparisons plan/actual, developments)? Which display forms are available?

For example, the final costing offers a target/actual comparison of price and quantities per consumed or costed article or on material group level. Furthermore, a report generator as well as different diagram types (columns, bars, lines), pivot tables and heat maps are available.

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