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FAQs about project planning and management with Zentro ERP

You want information about project planning and management in the Zentro ERP system? Here we answer your most important questions about our software.



Can the necessary work packages be distributed to different departments (or even to persons) in the Zentro ERP system?

Yes, this is made possible with the help of the preliminary costing in the order and a Gantt chart for capacity planning.

Rough planning can be done at the department level. Detailed planning can be done on employee level.


The planned capacity utilization is displayed graphically for each department and employee.



To what extent is there process support with (partial) project release and possible escalation mechanism in the Zentro ERP system?


Orders can be divided into batches or combined with the help of production orders. The visualization in the Gannt diagram shows slack peaks at an early stage. The editing of the order division via drag and drop enables easy moving of orders.



How does the Zentro ERP system support resource management (time bottlenecks)?

For this purpose a visualization of the workload on department and person level is provided. Absences from time recording are automatically taken into account. Other resources such as forklifts, assembly buses, etc. can also be mapped.



Is it possible to create delivery bills?

Yes, the Zentro ERP system allows an easy and time-saving creation of delivery bills.



Is there a comment function for individual parts?

Yes, in the Zentro ERP system you can add comments to individual parts at any time.



Is it possible to query the project status via ad-hoc reports?

Yes, the Zentro ERP system offers you the possibility of an ad-hoc report at any time, taking into account all stored project data.



What specific search and filter options does the Zentro ERP system offer?

Zentro offers a wide range of search and filter options. It is possible to search, filter, group and sort by quantities, times, units, material groups, customers, business units, cost centers, responsible persons and any evaluation dimensions.



How does the Zentro ERP system support the recording of working times?

The recording of working hours is possible for quotations, orders, production orders as well as for quotation, order and production order items (or assemblies). Here, too, Zentro has a release mechanism that can be customized if desired.



How are the materials used recorded in the Zentro ERP system?

For this purpose, an assignment to the order or workpiece is stored in the system.



Is it possible to store construction plans on project or workpiece level in the Zentro ERP system?

Yes, documents can be stored e.g. for customers, documents and document items (parts) and articles.



Does the Zentro ERP system offer the possibility to link components with certain certificates (fire protection, or toxic substances)?

Yes, the corresponding documents can be stored with the customers, documents and line items (components).



How are input/entry layouts for different user groups entered as standard in the Zentro ERP system?

This is defined via the rights management in Zentro. In addition, the user has individual setting options, e.g. showing and hiding columns, enlarging and reducing areas and distributing the application over several screens.



Is it possible to use the Zentro ERP system on different end devices (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.)?

Time recording and cost recording are usable as an app for mobile devices. The support of tablets depends on the installed operating system (Windows / Linux).



Does the Zentro ERP system have email functionality?

Yes, to send emails either the standard mail program of the operating system is called or the messages are sent directly via SMTP.

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