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ExpertCALC - the parts list plug-in for Zentro:

ExpertCALC is a cooperation project of software developers, carpenters, the furniture and wood construction cluster and the Johannes Kepler University Linz (Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing) with the goal of developing an intelligent calculator for carpenters. The project is led by nextsoft it GmbH. We are also supported by the COIN program "Cooperations and Networks" of the FFG.


A software solution is being developed that uses empirical knowledge from the store floor to create calculations from simple CAD drawings. In this way, even incomplete CAD drawings can serve as a basis for costing. Furthermore, there are standardized interfaces to other software systems used in the company in order to achieve an integrated software solution.


Quotation generation - fast and uncomplicated On the basis of incomplete 3D design planning data and stored company-specific calculation rules, the generation of a realistic quotation for the customer is to be made possible quickly and uncomplicatedly.


Process data from various systems In addition, the standardized connection to various upstream and downstream systems (e.g. CAM, merchandise management,...) is provided for in order to process the data entered once without errors and in a time-saving manner.


Practical software - especially for carpenters Special attention is also paid to the easy and practical handling of the software for the users.

The market lacks a tool for carpenters to be able to create a realistic calculation as easily as possible already in the quotation phase. With the currently available products, quotation items can be calculated to some extent, but the high complexity cannot be mapped with the conventional parts list modules.


This is exactly where the ExpertCALC project comes in and develops a calculation software that meets these requirements, especially in the area of carpentry.

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