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A brand new home for Zentro

Only 1.5 km away from the former location, the new Zentro office building was built since 2018. Just outside Grünau im Almtal, the optimal conditions for working were found, because what could be more inspiring than a magnificent view of the countryside? But it's not just the building that's productive; the power plant on the Alm also delivers plenty of output. The power generated there is not only used to supply the site with energy independently, but also to fuel the Zentro electric fleet.


Plenty of room for Zentro

The upper floor of the building has already been set up. In the central shared office, people are working on solutions for customers, and there are plenty of free retreats for video conferences or undisturbed phone calls. As you would expect in an IT company, the Zentro building is equipped with the latest technology, the network room offers sufficient space for computing power and an additional room has reserves for around 10 running meters of server equipment. Orientation is provided by the freshly designed guidance system on the glass doors, which also ensures the right route on the first floor. On the ground floor, there is a flexible training room, a rental space that is currently still available, and the "office". Co-Working AlmtalThe ground floor is also the perfect place for creative people and (green) start-ups.


Zentro: More than just working

At Zentro, people regenerate on the terrace, which not only invites them to take a breath of fresh air, but also to linger over barbecues together. In between, coffee and tea are served in the Zentro living room. There, employees can take a break in a cozy corner. By the way, the Zentro living room is also used for cooking. The cooking community regularly provides a well-balanced lunch.






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