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CoopPro - production network for SME carpentry

How do data and material flows have to function when several joinery businesses join together to form a production network? This is the subject of the "CoopPro" research project, which was launched in April 2015.


Small-structured companies can make better use of their capacities through joint ventures, not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of order volume. Until now, subcontracts were handled via telephone and email, which is often time-consuming. The new collaboration aims to make this process more efficient. The goal for the project was to set up a cross-company network and define software to automatically link all processes and the necessary information.

In the long term, the companies involved in the project - the Schwingenschuh, Lidauer and ShopCrea joineries - want to pool their resources and establish a production network. As part of an Industry 4.0 project funded by the state of Upper Austria, a largely automated, cross-company process and information exchange is to be developed for this purpose together with us - thus ensuring functioning and long-term cooperation between the companies. As a scientific partner, the Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing (FAW) contributed current findings from the field of "Process Aware Information Systems", among others, and accompanied the project partners in carrying out the analyses and system definition.

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