Zentro Go: Messanges

Project-related communication and performance documentation!



Messanges - more than just a chat!

In order for everyone involved in the project to get the info they need and exchange efficiently, it is important to collect all the info about the project in one place. Messages enable communication about projects managed via Zentro and documentation with text and images. For this purpose, the information from Zentro ERP and Zentro Go is combined and synchronized. External messaging services, with the associated privacy issues, are avoided.


Messages are also used as note-taking and documentation tools. The info is stored in Zentro ERP, provided with deadlines and priorities and assigned to a responsible person. Queries can be answered quickly, as they are displayed to the responsible person on the Zentro dashboard. All information can also be easily accessed later by all Zentro users.


Photo-docu for maximum clarity

A photo-docu of the project progress or final result during assembly work can be created just as easily as a manufacturing docu in production. Photos stored on the cell phone or tablet can be uploaded collectively and important areas in the images can be marked.




Benefit from:

  • Project communication
  • Digital notepad
  • Photo documentation



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