Seamlessly integrated!

Digitization made easy! Interfaces for Zentro Go are not only available for Zentro ERP, but also for other systems.


Zentro Go can be connected to common systems and can also be used stand alone. Just ask, we will be happy to advise you.

The data captured in Zentro Go flows seamlessly into the modules of Zentro ERP!


Modul Produktionsunterstützung von ERP-System Zentro

Zentro Go is seamlessly integrated into the Zentro ERP production module. Conditions that require intervention can be defined and thus automatically detected by the system.

Modul Artikel & Lager von ERP-System Zentro

Warehouse management and delivery note entry are also possible in the mobile Zentro variant. Here, too, all data flows into the Zentro ERP in real time.

Modul Kapazitäts- und Montageplanung von ERP-System Zentro

All booked working times and completion notifications flow directly into Zentro capacity planning and enable the realistic representation of the degree of completion for projects. Missing parts management is also provided.

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