Zentro Go: Time account

Working hours on the go on your cell phone and tablet!


The password-protected display of the employee time account can also be accessed on the road in addition to the employee terminal.



Mobile time account and digital vacation and Time Off management.

Use all time booking features not only at the terminal in the company, but also on the road via cell phone or tablet. All orders and target times are always immediately available online so that your employees can access and book them from anywhere you allow.

Automate your processes, such as planning and recording absences. Employees can reserve vacation and compensatory time via cell phone or tablet. These then appear on the Zentro ERP dashboard and can be approved or rejected by those responsible. The feedback is displayed to the employees on the digital time account.

Absences, such as vacations and compensatory time, are automatically incorporated into capacity planning.


Benefit from:

  • Time tracking on the go
  • Digital vacation planner
  • Mobile time account for employees


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