Zentro Go: Dashboard

Everything at a glance!



Task planner and orientation aid


All team members should be able to quickly orient themselves in their work environment and always know what to do next. This way, you have less unproductive time and work scheduling runs like clockwork.

The Mobile Dashboard shows your employees what's coming up next. It combines the other areas of Zentro Go and presents the most important information to a user at a glance. Individual quicklinks to the most important tasks make it easy to find information. On the one hand, this allows employees to be deployed in a targeted manner, while on the other hand, the dashboard also stimulates individual initiative!

All necessary information about the tasks can be seen at a glance. This way, no one has to think about it for a long time, but can start working right away.


Benefit from:

  • Orientation help in everyday work
  • Infopoint with quicklinks
  • Employee management


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